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Edwards' Bill, who won the championship twice.16 There is no treatment or cure, but a DNA test is now available to detect carriers as well as affected dogs.They also excel at competitive obedience, showmanship, flyball, tracking, and usbcha Sheepdog trials and herding events.Blue Tricolour Border Collie.Dead link External links edit).Life span edit Blue Tricolour Border Collie.Some Border Collies may also have single-colour coats.The isds registry is by far the older of the two, and isds dogs are eligible for registration as pedigree Border Collies with the Kennel Club (KC) but not vice versa.Born two years after him, she is mentioned in a British Hunts and Huntsmen article concerning a Mr John Elliot of Jedburgh:.There is now a DNA test available for CEA 13 and, through its use, breeders can ensure that they will not produce affected pups.Det är viktigt att vi uppfödare av vallhundar är noga med var valpen hamnar.Red Merle Border Collie.
Striker, who is the current Guinness World Record holder for "Fastest Car Window Opened by a Dog".34 seconds.

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Our dogs and dogs we have bred enjoy flyball, agility, obedience, working trials, showing and junior handling as well as being loving companions.