Then I apply my clinique loose powder.
Literally erases dark marks and unwanted blemishes.Sep 2, 2014 Hate dark circles.It can be hit and miss since some days I have really weird flaking.Jul 27, 2010 This is by far the best concealer.It hides everything- my dark circles, redness, d looks like a second skin.Despite my issues with it for under eye circles, I think it is perfect for everything else.Jan 7, 2011 i put it over lemonaide or stay don't stray.Not only does it fall far short of its promises, it makes the area under my eyes look purple!The only problem I have found is that it feels very greasy, something which lasts all day - I have wiped an area where I have used it and my finger will be all shiny as if covered by grease It now feels like.And found that within a couple of hours I had 'bald patches' wherever I had applied boing.I don't like it as much for the under eye area because it can become cakey there.I don't normally wear concealer just foundation as I find this is enough coverage.Not only do I do this when I'm in a hurry to make it to my work on time and look quite alright, but I also do it when I want to be more at ease and without como ganar masa muscular naturalmente en hombres any hurry, enjoying every step.May 10, 2013 Best.I find the best way to put.This is the best performing concealer I have ever used.